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April 7, 2012

In The Philippines and finally ready to tell you about it!

Green mangos, fat sexpats, lotsa rice, loud lizards, naked children, hidden falls, more rice, gentle whalesharks…these are just a few of Philippines’ details.  Details I have encountered so far during my time here.

I have stepped into a number of new “cultures” during the first two months of my journey so far.  The culture of the Filipinos, the culture of the city, the culture of the impoverished, the culture of the office (this is so new to me!) and a new culture of community.  It’s been a lot to adjust to, to say the least!  Although I expect acclimation to continue throughout my entire year here, I have started to find my normal.  And I’m finally ready for a bit of “show and tell!” Thank you for your prayers and patience during my settling in period.

They say the beginning is a good place to start…oh well, maybe next time.  There are many things I plan on sharing with you from the beginning of my journey, these snippets will come, but today I am going to set the tone for the remainder of this blog.  The glimpses you will get into my experience here will be RaNDoM.  Random pieces of my joy, burdens, blessings, observations, and ponderings.

Let’s start with a picture introduction of the people and settings of The Philippines!  Enjoy!