I kissed…

 …a blowfish.  And it bit me.  Yep!  Inside my upper lip.  I screamed 50 feet under.  There was a flap of skin, etc., etc., it turns out those buggers have sharp little teeth!

All of us fellows are friends with a scuba instructor that takes us out sometimes for a really reasonable price, we are soooo fortunate.  He’s seen hundreds of sea turtles but he still gets super excited to see another, we have a great time!  I’ve been able to go on a couple dives so far, here are pics of my first. I’ve been a diver for about 12 years now but the diving here is better than any I’ve done before. There is such a variety of plant life, the colors are vibrant and the coral healthy, it’s been a privilege to see.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you dive down to a whole new world full of God’s amazing creativity.  Like us, I guess God just get’s a kick out of making things beautiful! Under the sea:) is truely one of the most peaceful and unbelieveable places I’ve ever been…you should go sometime! 

Now I just have to find some pesos and time to get to Apo Island where they say it’s not just some of the best diving in The Philippines but in the World! I hope there is a night dive in my future too, have always wanted to do one of those…so erie and exciting!

P.S. Find Nemo!…


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