About this blog

Two strikes and I’m still in the game!  Yep, this is my third attempt to start a blog.  Will I nail it this time?  We’ll see.  Sitting down at the computer to post about what’s been happening in my life has always been difficult to get to.  I’m too busy living it!  And with much of my time devoted to sharing other people’s stories through images of significant moments in their lives, I’ve recently found my own personal journey rarely documented, whether it be by blog, fb…or tweets (that will be the day!).

But if there is ever a season in life to start a blog, this would be it.  I am taking a detour from my normal life and business journey to make a different type of contribution.  I am able to do so because of the support and prayers of friends and family, and even friends of family! Because we are in this together I am making another attempt to “show and tell” (I used to love this kindergarten activity!) glimpses into my experience.  I’ll start with my experience in The Philippines, where I have been sent to join in the fight against human trafficking.

You will notice, and may even be frustrated by, the limited insight into the details of our specific work and projects here.  As our security team screens my posts (which is required) I’ll get a better idea of what I can share about our organization and our work in the field.  So if you feel a little in the dark or are wishing you were hearing a bit more of the nitty-gritty I apologize.  I am limited in what I can post for the safety and confidentiality of our clients and staff.

However, you will be witnessing snippets of images, inspiration, and impressions captured here and I may even do some back peddling to share a little bit about the experiences that got me here as well.  Thank you for taking the time to peruse my reflections.  And thank you, thank you, thank you, for your financial and prayer support towards this journey in which I know I am not alone.


(Yeah, yeah, I know, you want to know where the title “Vulture & Child” comes from.  Follow my blog and I will eventually “show and tell”!)


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